Would you like a Free Modeling Session?

The search is on! We are officially launching our search for 2012 Senior Spokesmodels, so here’s your chance to get the coolest senior pics ever and there are lots of other benefits. 
All our selected Models receive:
               * A Free Modeling Session
            * A Free Senior Portrait Session
            * Free Model Wallets featuring their photo
            * Your photos all over Facebook, our Website and Studio Displays

               * Earn cash or discounts on their Senior Photos
Our Models come in early, like in January or February of their Junior year for a really fun, totally free Modeling Session. Later on like in May or June we will photograph your Senior Portrait Session!
During these Model Sessions we pull out all the stops to give you the most creative images you can ever imagine, no kidding!
For every booked referral you send us you will receive cash and or discounts on your senior portrait order.
What do we expect from you for all these great perks? I’ts pretty simple:
              *First your Mom or Dad must agree to let you participate
           *You must sign and date the Model agreement
And finally, just let all your friends know where you got all your cool images taken and pass out those FREE Model Cards we will give you.
If you are interested in our 2012 Modeling Program just message us on Facebook, check out our FB Business page at Image Portrait Gallery or use the contact link on our website www.imageportraitgallery.com          email: imageportraitgallery@gmail.com
We like questions, so just ask us anything! We would love for you to leave a comment here on the blog.
That’s it——-Are you In?

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One Response to Would you like a Free Modeling Session?

  1. Lauren, you are so perfect for this post, love your beauty in the shorts and boots!
    Hugs, Billie ♥

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