Are Your Senior Photos Worth Displaying Forever?

Does the thought of your parents displaying your senior photos forever scare you?
Truly good and classic senior photos will stand the test of time because they are a source of pride! Southern families take great pride in displaying photos and especially high school senior photos through out their homes.
Most high school students are photographed during their senior year to:
        *Exchange wallet photos with their friends and classmates
        *Put wallet photos in their grad announcements
        *Send out photo grad announcements
        *Give gift photos to  grandparents, aunts, uncles, boyfriend or girlfriend
        *Take their photos to college and have bragging rights!
        *Especially so Mom and Dad can display your photos on their walls
It is our hope at Image Portrait Gallery that all high school seniors have photos that they are pleased to share with others and will always look back with pride at their photos!
        *Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think about the importance of senior photos and your name will be entered in a contest for a “Free Photo Session”
        *To be eligible for this Free Session you must leave a comment below, Friend us on Facebook, “Like” our FB Business Page,  and you will also be required to order a minimum order with your totally Free Session. We promise you will love your Free Session and we will pull out all the stops so you can have incredible senior photos of your dreams!
So make certain that your senior photos are worth displaying forever! 

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  1. Particia says:

    greetings, very good blog site, and a decent understand! at least one for my book marks.

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