Are you SENIOR 2012? You must read this!

We are looking for 2012 Senior Spokesmodel Reps, so here’s your chance to get the coolest senior pics ever and there are lots of other benefits. You do not have to be a perfect model size or look to get IN. This is an opportunity to build self-esteem in yourself  and others. There is nothing like a great photo to boost self confidence. We base our decision on personality, being involved, loving to be photographed and the desire to be in our model rep program.
We are looking for students that truly appreciate the “IMAGE” quality and would like to show off their true beauty in a great portrait.
If you are a recent Friend of ours on Facebook and want to know more about our Model Rep Program read the other blog posts here on the I-Blog. Also check out , lots of Model Rep details and a link to the Online Model Application, go ahead and apply right now, it will only take a couple of minutes! 
All our selected Models receive:
               * A Free Modeling Session
            * A Free Senior Portrait Session
            * Free Model Wallets featuring their photo to give to
               their classmates, yes really free!
            * Your photos all over Facebook, our Website and  
               displayed in the studio
            * Earn cash or discounts on their Senior photos
            * We will still know you when you are rich and    
Model Reps get great benefits while helping us show off the latest styles and update our senior images.
Remember: Only a limited number of Image reps are accepted from each school…Sign up today! We will help you every step of the way, and then create you some amazing portraits for you to show off. 
                  Message us if you have any questions!         


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