Us “3”, Always and Forever Family!

What a beautiful family we were priviledged to photograph in the studio! Diana wanted her family portraits to look like she was in the living room at home playing in the floor with Ashley and baby Emmian.
These three girls were so much fun to photograph, their session time flew by and we knew the end result would be beautiful portraits in their home.
Diana was so thrilled with her portraits that she chose several collections to decorate her walls with. The above photo of all three was just breathtaking in the 20×24 wall portrait that she chose.  
At the clothing consultation Diana told us she wanted her family portrait to be casual in style and to show the relationship between the three. It was not hard to do because these three girls have a blast together as shown in the photos. 

Once we were finished photographing all the family photos baby Emmian was still full of giggles and playing with her “Sissy” so we decided to open our “Studio Clothes Closet” and dream up something fun! What would that be???
The only answer to that question would be Tutus of course. We ordered 12 tutus in special colors and sizes from the manufacterer that took 6 months to get, but were they worth the wait! We had the perfect sizes for baby Emmian and Ashley  too.
Ashley loved wearing the tutu and said “It feels like I am in ballet lessons again, I feel so pretty and love being barefoot and twiling around”! Even little Emmian loved the tutu and kept playing with it, think she thought it was cotton candy.
Diana and her Mom, Sharon both loved the girls in the tutus, they said their girls would be forever young in the tutu photos. Sharon and Diana both got the “Kissable”, which is a 16×16 portrait with nine images, we will show it off on Facebook, soon!
These photos are such eye candy, so enjoy them and please leave a comment!


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2 Responses to Us “3”, Always and Forever Family!

  1. janabella2 says:

    The Studio’s TuTus are so dear to my heart! They are just yummy in portraits! I’m game for another dozen order! I vote orange and hot pink♥

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