Movies Back in Brady?

How did the drive-in movie ever get started? The concept of drive-in movies started in the 1930’s when New Jersey based inventor Richard Hollingshead put up a movie projector on top of his car and displayed movies on sheets nailed to trees! The concept was widely appreciated and led to a boom that commercialized the drive-in movie theaters with allied franchises in snack eating. What fun it was to watch movies from your car and especially so if you got a speaker that worked!
We are so proud to announce the
“I-Movies”are playing in the “studio window” at Image Portrait Gallery, 1006 So Church Street, Brady, Texas. These movies feature the real “STARS”, our portrait clients!
 The I-Movies will run nightly after dark and there is plenty of parking so come by to see who is “STARRING” ! Also on cloudy and dark days check us because the I-Movies will probably be on.  
Check back often because we have a lot of “STARS” to feature!
We would love to hear your comments about the I-Movies, so please leave a comment below or  feel welcome to comment on our Facebook Page, Image Portrait Gallery.

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