Glam it up!!! What’s this?
“Glam it Up” is our new add on photo session for high school seniors or any woman that wants to look glamorous. It is so much fun to look through a fashion magazine and dream of looking like the beauties you see. We are so happy to offer this new look, we recently attended a seminar and realized we wanted to offer this new Glam Session! Let us help you make your fantasy come true.
Glam it Up Sessions:
   1. Fashion Forward Posing
   2. Professional Glamour Lighting [this is most important]
   3. High End Exotic Makeup Guidance
   4. Fantasy Eyelashes
   5. Large Collection of Bling Jewelry for you to choose from or bring your own
   6. Promise to Style the Session so you will love your portraits
Call or message us on Facebook @ Image Portrait Gallery to schedule your very own “Glam IT Up” session.
We are here to assist you in creating the beautiful portraits that you have always dreamed of having! Our promise to you is that you will have beautiful portraits to treasure for a lifetime.
You will want to share these “Glam” portraits with your family and special friends, also these portraits will make unique and stunning profile pics for all social media.
Please ask our 2012 Model Rep Heather about her “Glam It Up” session.
Get your “Glam” on! It is fun and so easy.

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