BE: Daring, Dangerous, Bold, Yourself, Beautiful, Happy, Original, Fun, Unpredictable, Rock N Roll, Genuine, Magnetic, Stunning, Strong, Spectacular, Brilliant, Dazzling, Brainy, Incredible, Brilliant or Breathtaking!

Attention 2013 High School Seniors:
Do you want to have the BEST senior photos at your school?
Want to get some modeling experience? Want to earn some sweet rewards?
If you are a high school junior and you answered YES to any of the above, we’ve got just the job for you!

Image SpokesModels are high school juniors  that are looking for the best deal on amazing senior photos from the number one senior studio in Central Texas.
SpokesModels or Model Reps can be girls or guys, any height, weight, or look. An outgoing, fun personality is way more important than the way you look!

Senior Spokesmodels get a great deal on senior pictures from Image, including a free photo session and free model cards with your photos to give your classmates along with a special offer to your friends for their senior photos. Your Model session and Model cards to give out are totally free to you, all you have to do is represent our studio  with your classmates.
Selected Spokesmodels will be featured on Facebook, this blog, our studio displays, and our website  

Only one or two Spokesmodels are chosen from each school so apply today. We want Spokesmodels from Brady, Llano, Rochelle, Lohn, Mason, Menard, Junction, Eden, Brownwood, San Saba, Richland Springs, Wall, Fredricksburg and anyone within 90 miles from Brady.
If you are not a High School Junior and you know someone that would make a good Spokesmodel please share this with them!

If you have any questions just message Billie Garner or Jana Ellison on Facebook or email us at and we will be glad to help  or answer any questions you might have. We can also mail you a real Model Card if you would like to actually see and feel the quality! Also feel free to contact Heather Moore, our 2012 ModelSpokeperson on Facebook to ask her about her experience as a Spokesmodel.
Use this link to apply to be a SpokesModel, it is so easy and fast to do

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