“Boys Will Be Boys” with Dirt Bike Swagger!

David called to be photographed with his son Jaime and their dirt bikes, what a great idea! They were smiling from ear to ear when they arrived on their bikes, dressed and ready to ride. The camaraderie between these two on their bikes is special.
Bikers are free spirits on the track and love the thrill of being in the air, this shows a bit of an outlaw edge!
The whole family including Sandra and Kacy love to go watch these two guys ride or compete, bet they are good cheerleaders for their team. Kacy was in this portrait session with her Dad and Brother, she even wore green earrings to match their bikes. They  picked out a series of Portrait Collections for their walls at home  along with this one. We will share their beautiful wall collections of all three when they complete decorating their walls at home.
This custom framed 15×30 black and white art piece was David’s Christmas present from Sandra, Kacy and Jaime. It is hanging on the wall in the entry to their home adding a warm touch and a lasting memory.Sports - Illustrated Template
Bet they all smile every time they pass by it!
This was a great portrait session we were given the pleasure of photographing.
Of course “Boys Will Be Boys”!
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