A Night to Remember——-Flipping the Tassel!

Graduation night is one night that is burned so deep in the memory of the graduate, their family and classmates! We are so pleased to share Heather’s photo grad announcement with everyone. Heather and her Mom, Tammy designed her announcement from the front to the back by selecting the perfect photos, colors for every detail, and the font. But of course Heather picked out the most perfect quote ever, for the front of her announcement!We all have to smile when we read Heather’s quote, it is so her at this special time of her life! Probably the sentiment of many high school seniors.
Heather has been “Model Rep 2012” for our studio, Image Portrait Gallery! She has been an incredible and beautiful Model Rep for us, thank you Heather and we are so proud of you and all your accomplishments! Now go out in this world, learn a lot and have  fun along the way!
Hit the “Like” button or leave us a comment if you enjoyed seeing Heather’s grad announcement! If you are a Senior 2013 and are interested in being a “Model Rep 2013” for our studio  just go to www.imageportraitgallery.com  and fill out the online application. You’ll have a blast and we promise you will have the best senior photos in your school!

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BE: Daring, Dangerous, Bold, Yourself, Beautiful, Happy, Original, Fun, Unpredictable, Rock N Roll, Genuine, Magnetic, Stunning, Strong, Spectacular, Brilliant, Dazzling, Brainy, Incredible, Brilliant or Breathtaking!

Attention 2013 High School Seniors:
Do you want to have the BEST senior photos at your school?
Want to get some modeling experience? Want to earn some sweet rewards?
If you are a high school junior and you answered YES to any of the above, we’ve got just the job for you!

Image SpokesModels are high school juniors  that are looking for the best deal on amazing senior photos from the number one senior studio in Central Texas.
SpokesModels or Model Reps can be girls or guys, any height, weight, or look. An outgoing, fun personality is way more important than the way you look!

Senior Spokesmodels get a great deal on senior pictures from Image, including a free photo session and free model cards with your photos to give your classmates along with a special offer to your friends for their senior photos. Your Model session and Model cards to give out are totally free to you, all you have to do is represent our studio  with your classmates.
Selected Spokesmodels will be featured on Facebook, this blog, our studio displays, and our website www.imageportraitgallery.com  

Only one or two Spokesmodels are chosen from each school so apply today. We want Spokesmodels from Brady, Llano, Rochelle, Lohn, Mason, Menard, Junction, Eden, Brownwood, San Saba, Richland Springs, Wall, Fredricksburg and anyone within 90 miles from Brady.
If you are not a High School Junior and you know someone that would make a good Spokesmodel please share this with them!

If you have any questions just message Billie Garner or Jana Ellison on Facebook or email us at imageportraitgallery@gmail.com and we will be glad to help  or answer any questions you might have. We can also mail you a real Model Card if you would like to actually see and feel the quality! Also feel free to contact Heather Moore, our 2012 ModelSpokeperson on Facebook to ask her about her experience as a Spokesmodel.
Use this link to apply to be a SpokesModel, it is so easy and fast to do

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Seniors : When How You Look Matters Most!

There are some very important times in life when how you look matters most! Baby photos, toddler photos, each school year’s photos and especially Senior Photos at Graduation from high school. Most photos are displayed for years so it is so important to have a photo you are proud of and proud to display.
Heather was so easy to photograph and has so many beautiful images to share with her friends, and also  to display and cherish through out the years. We are so proud to have Heather’s photos on display at the studio and have received so many compliments on them.
SENIORS: It is not too late to have incredible photos for your graduation like Heather has, so call us at 325-597-3713 or message us on Facebook to set up your consultation appointment so we can discuss what you want in your senior photos.
All Seniors deserve to look amazing when it matters most!
MOVIES run after dark in the studio window nightly so be sure to drive by 1006 South Church to see who is starring!  You could be next…

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Where Everyone is Beautiful!

Don’t miss a beat, ask Heather for a Senior Model Rep Card so you can get a special deal! Heather is representing Image Portrait Gallery and has Model Cards so you can actually see the quality of her senior photos and a discount coupon.
Also included is a list of the Portrait Sessions that are available to choose to from. Look over the sessions and you will know about the: “Rusty Bucket”, “Hot Wheels”, “CandleLights”, “Letterjackets Live”, “Rockstar”, “Charmin’ Charlie”, “Macho Man Chains”, “Classic”, “Purple Fantasy”, “Coca Cola Love Lights”, “Letterjackets Live”, “Rockstar”, “Charmin’ Charlie”, “Macho Man Chains”, “Classic”, “Purple Fantasy”, “Coca Cola Love” and so many more.

An added free bonus is a Senior 2012 Memorabilia Keepsake, it can be used for scrapbooking or even hang it on your rear view mirror!
Enjoy this video as Heather tells about her portrait experience at Image and shares her beautiful senior photos.
PS If you want to  know what it is like to be a Model Rep for Image just ask Heather about her experience. Image is almost ready to start taking “Model Rep 2013″ applications from: Brady, Lohn, Rochelle, Mason, Menard, Brownwood, Eden, Llano, Junction, Fredricksburg, San Saba, Wall students that will be 2013 Seniors.  Yes, we are looking for Guy Reps too!
Message us on Facebook if you are interested, we would love to hear from you!


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Glam it up!!! What’s this?
“Glam it Up” is our new add on photo session for high school seniors or any woman that wants to look glamorous. It is so much fun to look through a fashion magazine and dream of looking like the beauties you see. We are so happy to offer this new look, we recently attended a seminar and realized we wanted to offer this new Glam Session! Let us help you make your fantasy come true.
Glam it Up Sessions:
   1. Fashion Forward Posing
   2. Professional Glamour Lighting [this is most important]
   3. High End Exotic Makeup Guidance
   4. Fantasy Eyelashes
   5. Large Collection of Bling Jewelry for you to choose from or bring your own
   6. Promise to Style the Session so you will love your portraits
Call or message us on Facebook @ Image Portrait Gallery to schedule your very own “Glam IT Up” session.
We are here to assist you in creating the beautiful portraits that you have always dreamed of having! Our promise to you is that you will have beautiful portraits to treasure for a lifetime.
You will want to share these “Glam” portraits with your family and special friends, also these portraits will make unique and stunning profile pics for all social media.
Please ask our 2012 Model Rep Heather about her “Glam It Up” session.
Get your “Glam” on! It is fun and so easy.

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Ready to Rumble… Senior 2012 Model Rep Video

It’s time to rumble with the premier video of Senior 2012 Model Rep Heather! Enjoy this video and be sure to ask Heather about  her senior portrait experience at www.imageportraitgallery.com

Heather will be appearing in the I-Movies that show nightly at 1006 South Church Street, Brady, after dark. So load up your car, stop by Sonic to get a Route 44 Drink and pull up in front of the studio. The I-Movies are free so you do not need to hide your friends in the trunk of the car!
Remember: It’s not too late for you to look “Amazing” in your senior photos! There is plenty of time for you to call us and have incredible senior photos, plus you can take advantage of our convenient layaway!
Please leave your comments below… and thanks!

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Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch, Sr. Model Rep 2012

Oh! Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch………

We are pleased to have Heather Moore to represent our studio as Senior Model Rep for the Class of 2012. Heather is such a beauty to work with, a natural, had incredible clothes, easy smiles and of course her Mom, Tammy offered great ideas and made each session a blast! We love having Mom’s at the senior’s session and we have even had a few Dad’s to come!
You ask: “What is a Senior Model Rep”? Answer: A Model Rep is a spokesperson for our studio, she is photographed and is given beautiful Rep Cards to share with other seniors. The Model Rep can answer all questions about Image Portrait Gallery, and the Rep’s images are displayed at our studio, on the TV in our studio window that runs nightly and of course all over Facebook!

We will be sharing more of Heather’s beautiful pictures in the coming weeks. You too deserve to look amazing, so contact us today at Image Portrait Gallery, so we can design the senior portraits of your dream. We offer convenient layaway if needed. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and checks.

Would you like to look like a model? Here at Image we know posing, professional lighting, and professional portrait makeup, like you can not believe! Message us a Image Portrait Gallery. Our goal at IPG is that every senior feels like a model during the session and also looks like a model in her photos. We want every senior to have the best photos ever!

Be sure to ask “Heather Moore” about her Senior experince at Image. Go ahead and feel free to ask her about your most important senior photo questions.

Please like our Facebook page, Image Portrait Gallery to take advantage of our specials and to see more of Heather’s amazing senior photos in the coming weeks.
Back to Honey Pie, Sugar Bunch Heather, thank you so much for representing our studio. You made us look like a million bucks!

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On This Day…

The bridal portrait session for Whitney was absolutely picture perfect and beautiful! She came in with gorgeous hair and makeup, dressed in cute shorts.
We have been photographing Whitney since she was little girl, so needless to say she is quite use to being photographed and is so easy to be with.
Then…Wow.. she came out of the dressing room in the most exquiste wedding gown and veil! Her gown was so beautifully beaded and perfectly fitted to her, she looked like a dream in it. She was alway so photogenic but when she came in for her bridal session we knew it would be a great session because she did everything to assure beautiful portraits.
Her family all enjoyed helping and made Whitney’s wedding day a dream come true!  Everyone enjoyed the beautifully decorated church, reception hall and of course the delicious food!
She was absolutely stunning and we are so thrilled to share her beauty in these portraits with you.
Fairytale dreams do come true!
Congratulations to the newlyweds, Whitney and Chad!

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♥ In the Heart of a Princess ♥

Little Ally truly is a Princess, she just celebrated her 4th Birthday!
Ally comes from a large family of “Queens”, that is her Mom, Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers that all shower her with the royal treatment in her adorable clothes, sunshades, purses and a multitude of other accessories.
After treating Ally to a manicure and pedicure, Joyce brought Ally in with 3 of the most adorable complete outfits for us to photograph her in.
We asked Joyce if once we finished photographing Ally in the outfits that she brought in could we photograph Ally in our “Princess Set” and our “Goodnight Moon Set”. We have the Tutus and the White Nightgowns in several sizes that complete these sets for our clients convenience.
Joyce was excited that we wanted to photograph Ally in these special sets because her favorite thing is to just watch Ally have fun!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ally will be debuting in our I-Movies  that begin after dark in the studio window at 1006 South Church Street, Brady and also in our website www.imageportraitgallery.com
A big thank you to all of Ally’s family for sharing their little “Princess Ally” with us, she is such a joy!

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Movies Back in Brady?

How did the drive-in movie ever get started? The concept of drive-in movies started in the 1930’s when New Jersey based inventor Richard Hollingshead put up a movie projector on top of his car and displayed movies on sheets nailed to trees! The concept was widely appreciated and led to a boom that commercialized the drive-in movie theaters with allied franchises in snack eating. What fun it was to watch movies from your car and especially so if you got a speaker that worked!
We are so proud to announce the
“I-Movies”are playing in the “studio window” at Image Portrait Gallery, 1006 So Church Street, Brady, Texas. These movies feature the real “STARS”, our portrait clients!
 The I-Movies will run nightly after dark and there is plenty of parking so come by to see who is “STARRING” ! Also on cloudy and dark days check us because the I-Movies will probably be on.  
Check back often because we have a lot of “STARS” to feature!
We would love to hear your comments about the I-Movies, so please leave a comment below or  feel welcome to comment on our Facebook Page, Image Portrait Gallery.

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